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Passion • Exclusivity • Love • Enthousiasm

Since more than a decade, Dussert Watch is a constantly evolving, healthy and independent family company. Its first collection, released in 2005, was composed of 13 timepieces. Since then, the collection has continued to grow and now includes other timepieces - classic or sports, quartz and automatic - always with the design and development by Dussert Watch, drawing from a healthy family environment, devoid of pressure inherent to big institutions.


The priority always remains the same: precision, details and quality.


Timepieces of Dussert Watch are products numbered and sold with a certificate of authenticity. As a dynamic, family-owned company, DUSSERT WATCH works hard to offer its clients quality SWISS MADE watches assembled in the purest Swiss tradition by experienced watchmakers.


With Dussert Watch you have quality, elegance and sophistication on your wrist at a competitive price. Come and write history with us.


Didier Dussert 

The creation of DUSSERT WATCH is a learned mixture of the know-how of two people who have in common their love of beautiful watches, irreproachable quality and  harmony of colours:

Didier DUSSERT, passionate of watches working since 1995 in  the industry, and Astrid JORDI-DUSSERT, artist-painter.


street campaign

Concept, Photography and Graphics by Nicola Cuti

Hand Painted Dials Special Edition

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